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Masters of Greatness offers a wide range of paid products such as our Masters of Greatness Academy to help individuals become Masters of their own Greatness.  But we also have a mission to help as many people as we can, so we offer our podcast free of charge. 

Innovative Platform

Masters of Greatness is an innovative education platform offering everything from our podcast, to our academy, with courses in commerce, marketing, and sales.  We also have an annual summit where some of the brightest minds meet.


Premium Technology

Whether you sign up for our podcast, or our academy, the Masters of Greatness product offering uses state of the art technology in both audio and video quality.

Show Hosts

Masters of Greatness

Sam Bruni

Sam is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry, with expertise in e-commerce, sales and marketing. With early successes with and totaling over 1 billion in annual revenue. Sam's is currently the Chairman of the Board of Hard Spro and host of Masters of Greatness.

Jen Bruni

Jen is first and foremost the mother of five kids, the co-founder of Bruni Media where she oversees creative, finance and display marketing. She's also an investor in,, and the co-host of Masters of Greatness. If she could do one thing though, she would paint all day.

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Featured Guests

If you follow any of the podcasts that offer advice to entrepreneurs, you will find that the same guests are doing the so called “podcast circuit”.  While we respect any individual trying to help others, we’ve decided to take a different approach, bringing you the unsung heroes that are changing our world.


Stacy Smith

Product Manager

Liu Novi

Journalist & Photographer

Monica Bodeau


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