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About Masters of Greatness

Masters of Greatness is an educational platform with one goal in mind, to help others Master Their Greatness. 

We invite successful entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, artists, and creators who have mastered their craft, joining us in discussions around what they’ve done to get where they are at, and how they did it.  We want the next generation of greatness to learn from both the successes and the mistakes of these masters.

We share our message through our podcast (free), our academy (paid), and various conferences and summits held throughout the year. 

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Show Hosts

Sam Bruni


Sam Bruni is a serial entrepreneur who has built e-commerce businesses that now produce over 1 billion in annual revenue.  In 2017 Sam and Jen launched Bruni Media (an advertising and marketing agency), to help businesses achieve their success.  In the first 2 1/2 years since Bruni Media launched, it already manages over 200 million in client revenue.

Jen Bruni

Co Host

Jen is first and foremost the mother of five kids, the co-founder of Bruni Media where she plays an active role in creative direction, finance and programmatic marketing.

She’s also an investor in SWIS.app, and the co-host of Masters of Greatness.  Her greatest love besides her family is painting.

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